Konadu Rawlings Banned From Central Region

The founder and leader of the 31st December Movement, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, has been asked not to set foot in the Central Region as part of her intention of thanking those who voted for her in the NDC congress to elect a flag-bearer. According to 14 out of 19 organizers of 31st December Women’s Movement in the region, Nana Kanadu, through her tour, had been inciting the youth against the leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) which they claimed was not healthy and bred indiscipline among the youths. “What did the youth benefit from her when she and her husband were ruling the country?” they asked. The organizers made the statements in a release issued to some selected media houses in Cape Coast on Monday to express their displeasure about the behavior of Nana Konadu. According to the organizers, they did not need any thanks from her since they were aware of the insults she kept on hauling on Fantes, adding that they were fed up with her insults and would not compromise any longer. The organizers bemoaned the situation where Nana Konadu was still maintaining her Friends of Nana Agyeman Konadu Rawlings (FONKAR) and other groups after the congress, creating disunity in the party. They disclosed that after congress in 2000, Nana Konadu called for the disbanding of all splinter groups like the Veranda Boys and Girls, Friends of Atta Mills among other, wondering why she could not adhere to the party leadership’s ban on splinter groups. “Our concern is the message she is giving to her followers and the general public such as Ghana is a very very, expensive country to live in Africa, things are getting very expensive in the country under the Mills administration among others, “they said. The organizers wondered which party Nana Konadu was representing that she had appointed one Derick as her campaign manager.They alleged that although Nana Konadu was preaching unity, her actions would breed disunity in the party if she was not checked. The organization revealed that the utterances of Nana Konadu would not only damage President Atta Mills but the country at large.