NDC Game Plan Exposed

The controversial son of Ghana’s first President, Dr Sekou Nkrumah, who recently resigned from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has confirmed speculations of the ruling party’s intention to ‘swallow’ other smaller political parties that lean towards the Nkrumahist ideology. He claims there is a power bloc in the NDC that wants to redirect the party towards Nkrumahist direction, with the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) and the Peoples National Convention (PNC) as the targets. In an exclusive interview with Daily Guide, Sekou said there was a deliberate plan by some power brokers in the party and government to relegate former President Rawlings, the founder of the NDC, to the background. He was not sure whether it would be a total commitment to the NDC being a fully-fledged Nkrumahist party or a half-hearted because, “increasingly, people have questioned whether the NDC qualifies to represent the left of Ghanaian politics and if the NDC does not qualify to represent the left of Ghanaian politics…it means then there is a vacuum on the left of Ghanaian politics.” As it stood now, Sekou indicated, the NDC was ideologically bankrupt, resulting in a power struggle and tension in the party. Though the party was founded on the ideals of its founder and former President Jerry John Rawlings, the former boss of the National Youth Council (NYC) said, “even he himself cannot define or explain that vision; what he represents”. “It is clear that he is the founder of the party but you could see now in this today’s NDC that he is being relegated to the background and I guess he is being relegated to the background because he can’t articulate his vision, what he represents not only in Ghanaian politics but also the way forward”. Much as he appreciated the fact that Rawlings made some achievements as president, Sekou said, “I am saying that you need an ideology, kind of a foundation in a sense that can guide also your programmes and so on.” He believed the NDC was at the crossroads because “it’s not going to be an easy struggle for the party to redefine”. Asked whether the NDC stood a better chance of retaining power in the 2012 general elections, Sekou stated, “It will not be easy for them to lose the election, but if there is so much discontent…we still have a year or over a year to election. I mean lot can happen but I don’t”, adding, “I don’t see what can really change in terms of policies and in terms of achievements in this short period of time for the NDC.” That notwithstanding, he indicated that if the NDC could redefine itself and become attractive, it could make an impact in the 2012 general elections. The former NYC boss said, “Because they have been in power not too long ago and they came back, people expect them o hit the ground running. So they are in danger if people are convinced that they did not perform well. They could be in danger of losing the election.”