Actress Blasts Silverbird

Veteran Nollywood screen goddess, Shan George, is fuming and blowing hot. She is angry with president of Silverbird Group, Ben Murray-Bruce, over his alleged comment that any movie not premiered at the Silverbird Galleria would not be shown in Silverbird Cinemas. On Facebook, she recently complained about what Nollywood film producers go through to have their movie premiere at Silverbird Cinemas. Although the actress has not premiered any movie at any of the Silverbird cinemas, sources say she was furious when friends told her about the stringent conditions before showcasing any Nollywood film at the upscale Silverbird cinemas. According to George, I dont understand why Ben Bruce would rule that if you dont premiere your movie at Silverbird Galleria, the movie would not be shown in Silverbird Cinemas. My question is, all the foreign movies being shown at Silverbird Cinemas, how many Hollywood producers did their premiere at the Silverbird Galleria? According to Nollywood sources, producers cough out N300,000 for use of the arterium on the galleria for red carpet and premiere of movies, while another N300,000 is paid to have the movie screened to the audience in one of the cinema halls. Even after this, the Ben Bruce organization still gets as much as 50 per cent of monies realized from showing the movie in Silverbird Cinemas.