Court Clears EC, Biometric Register To Start Soon

The Electoral Commission has finally been given the go ahead with the processes leading up to the use of the Biometric Voters Register (BVR) for the 2012 elections. An application for an interim injunction filed against the Electoral Commission was thrown out of court today, Tuesday September 27. The interim injunction was filed by Intelligent Card Productions Systems (ICPS) and it sought to prevent the Electoral Commission from allowing other companies to engage in the Biometric Registration of Voters (BVR) for the 2012 elections. This is the second time ICPS has filed such a writ against the Electoral Commission after the first one was summarily dismissed by an Accra Fast Track Court (Commercial Division) earlier this month. The Electoral Commission was dragged to court by ICPS because the latter had been disqualified from a list of companies that that bid for contract to produce the cards as part of the processes of the Biometric Voters Registration (BVR). The EC said it disqualified ICPS because after its investigations, the ICPS was not in good standing at the Attorney Generalís Department. Intelligent Card Productions Systems (ICPS) was also charged an amount of 5,000 Ghana Cedis for wasting the ECís time with regards to the delays in going ahead with the biometric registration process. ICPS was also warned by the court to desist from any further attempts that would delay the Biometric Voters Register (BVR). The Electoral Commission had come under serious criticism from the political parties especially the NPP, for its seeming delay and attitude towards the new voters register. The NPP even went ahead to give an ultimatum to the Electoral Commission that if the process is not ready by mid October, the country should forget about the BVR and use the manual system for the 2012 elections. The NDC however described the NPPís ultimatum to the EC as premature indicating that it is irrelevant to give the Electoral Commission such ultimatums. Now that the case against the EC is out of court, itís Public Affairs Director, Christian Owusu Parry says a date for the registration would be announced soon.