Critics Of Mills’ UN Speech Unfair – Kweku Baako

Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako, believes criticisms of President John Evans Atta Mills’ speech delivered at the 66th United Nations General Assembly as unimpressive and disappointing are unfair and unnecessary. To him, it is surprising that people can draw hasty conclusions and batter the President without properly analyzing the content of his speech. President Mills’ speech at the UN General Assembly last Friday, September 23 has been met with severe criticisms and battering, with some critics saying “the speech was at best fit for the parliament and not worth the attention at the UN meeting” at New York. But contributing to discussions on PeaceFM’s Kokrokoo Morning Show, Kweku Baako opined that critics who say the president delivered a “dzi wo fie asem” speech have not done a good content analysis of the speech. “…since I neither watched nor listened to the president’s speech, I cannot judge him on the style of delivery, but it appears there was some apparent lack of dynamism.” “I am surprised that until now, what I heard was that it appears the president went to do “dzi wo fie asem” or domestication exercise at the UN. When you look at the speech, he touched on many international issues and to be honest, I think there were more international issues than local content. He spoke about South Sudan, UN peacekeeping, and Arms treaty among others. I think we have been unfair to the president because some of the criticisms are not supported by the evidence,” he added. Mr. Baako however noted that issues relating to the Libya crisis, Palestine statehood, UN Security Council veto powers and permanent membership were the most significant omissions in President Mills' speech, adding that “these are some of the issues I thought President Mills could have used the occasion to talk about in order to advertise Ghana in a strong manner”.