Mimi To Hold Charity Concert To Raise Funds For School

Big Brother Africa star turned musician and fashion designer, Mimi will hold a charity concert in Aburi today to raise funds for the Aburi Secondary Technical School to buy equipment for the school�s entertainment programs. According to the singer, a student contacted her on her Facebook fan page complaining that the school did not have entertainment programs anymore due to lack of equipment . The student explained that the school�s equipment were damaged and so had resorted to hiring systems for their entertainment activities so Mimi should buy the needed equipment for the school. �When my management told me I just laughed because it so funny how a student could just ask me to buy that but then again I got touched and felt that the student who wrote to me had guts plus all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Another reason why I wanted to help is because I went to Aburi Girls Secondary School which is also in Aburi , so helping Aburi Secondary Technical is helping the vicinity that educated me,� comments Mimi. She continues: �I was very sick at the time they wrote to me so my management asked them to give us some time. I am a bit ok now, though not absolutely fit , so we agreed to do a concert for them and we can use the money to get them equipment like microphones, a sound system etc. � This isn�t the first time that the singer is helping out fans who contact her through her fan page. She says that she has told her management not to ignore what people send to her via such platforms. Accordingly, she goes through her fan mails and response to the ones she can because after all, she created those pages to communicate with her fans. �As for me, I am not a celeb who ignores her fans; they make me who I am. I am currently working on a fan who wants to do music. She is very good and I will help her come out,� she concludes.http://www.ameyawdebrah.com/