Nigeria Must Admit Ghana Is Better - Ghana Must Go!

SuperSport’s Nigerian editor Emeka Enyadike has written a soul-searching article in pidgin English finally admitting that the Super Eagles must learn from Ghana to avoid being whipped out from world football. Read his hilarious piece below: My people talk say we big pass Ghana, nobody dey drag! We say we get money pass dem, dat wan na true. We even say story story, say na we been dey give dem work, dat wan dey too. Me sef, na Ghana people follow teach me for skool. One thing wey Ghana people no go gree with us na about who sabi play ball pass and now wey we dey carry last, dem don dey Kampe. Dis wan wey Africa cup of Nation don reach so, na siddon look we go dey look yet some people go still dey talk say “ Ghana must go” Before we win de cup for 1980 wey Shagari come dash de green Eagles moto and house, Ghana been don win am 3 times, but as we dey jollification say we don win,na him dem come win am back wen we go Libya for 1982, dat time sef na Gadhafi pay dere transport After dat time, e come be like say naija come get power pass dem as we come dey win u-17 world cup like pure water.dem too come dey pursue us. Ghana come win Bronze medal for olumpics, we sef vex win Gold de next time. Naija come even win Africa cup of nations for Tunisia, even first Ghana reach world cup 3 times, 2 times, naija reach second round. All de naija players just brekete for obodo oyibo, for jand, for Paris, for Itali. E be like say Ghana dey carry kpondo that time. Dem come begin plan, dem come begin to organize, and dem come begin to find better player and better Oyinbo coach. See now, like play like play, Ghana don become Ogbonge team and we dey wonder how e happen? We go dey wonder! We just dey look like Lukman. Na him we say make we go play dem friendly match for London. Ghana no hold joke oh, nothing friendly about that match, dem knack us 4 kpondo. Na Ghana wey don komot naija for de lats two Africa cup of nations .Dem win us wen dem be landlord for Ghana 2008, come win us again for Angola 2010 wen dem even play with dem small boys. Chei! Next year wey be for Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, na Ghana wey everybody dey look becos of de way wey dem dey play and dem no dey fear anybody again. Make we no dey talk say “Ghana must go” again oh! Ghana don come back and dem done balance. Dem dey Kampe! No shaking! Nothing do dem. See de kain money wey dem dey pay for dere players for Obodo oyibo.Now sef,see those Alhaji dem for Dubai don come pay Assamoah Gyan money yanfu yanfu sake of say make him for come dance for dem. Naija ! Make we wake up for sleep.Ghana don leave us .everytime we go dey say “Ghana must go.” Maybe e go good if We fit go look wetin Ghana dey do well well and see wetin dem fit teach us.wetin wey we fit photocopy. Shame no dey inside oh! Shame no dey inside, afterall dem be our brodas and our neigbours. Na we don dey teach dem business and so many other things but if na ball. Like play,like play,dem even win the Fifa Junior world cup wey dem been call Egypt 2009. Ghana don standby. Ghana don overtake us.even if we still dey talk say “Ghana must go” When Ghana first reach worldi cup for Germany 2006, naija no show! Dem don sabi play sotaydem show us say no be who first call police dey win case. Dem reach world cup,dem reach second round. When we dey carry kpondo for South Africa 2010,Ghana nearly reach semi-finals. Una say,we no go there go find out wetin dem dey do.If not oh Luiz suarez for Uruguay wey turn second Goal keeper, na wetin we for dey talk? Maybe dem for kuku win de world cup! So I dey ask una, my people , wetin wey Ghana dey do ,wey we no fit do.No be say dem tall pass us or maybe say dem run pass us. How come wey dem dey fit change coach but dem still dey win. We own na to change coach like wrappa sotay now , we no fit reach nations cup. De wan wey tire me na say only Abedi Pele don supply three children to dem team.Wey our players dem children.Abi no wan sabi play ball.Haba! As we dey always talk say “Ghana must go.” Ghana don go, leave us for loco. Ghana don dey go for de cup. Ghana , make una carry go.