Aki's Wife On How She Met The Actor

The Mass Communication graduate of Enugu State University spoke briefly to Uche Olehi of Encomium mag during her wedding ceremony last weekend. Excerpts: How did you two meet? Nneoma: We met in Lagos. We worked in a production together. I was a costumier. I have always been seeing him, I just like his lifestyle. So we became friends and from there the journey began. How did you know he was your man? Nneoma: I am not a friend keeping type, but when I meet my friend, I know. We have been friends and I think I saw what I like in a man in him. What are the qualities you saw in him? Nneoma: Chinedu is very intelligent and smart. What was your parents reaction when you told them you are getting married to Aki? Nneoma: They were not surprised. My dad was like 'waoo, you go ahead if he is your choice. Would you say it is a natural love you have for Chinedu? Nneoma: Yes. I just love him naturally. What do you really want changed in Chinedu? Nneoma: Nothing to be changed. He is okay for me. Many people believe you are going for his money and celebrity status? Nneoma: That is cheap talk. They can say whatever they want to say. I married Chinedu Ikedieze, I did not marry Aki.