Viasat 1 Rolls Out IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY

In a quest to fulfill a promise of localizing its programming Viasat 1 has introduced another own produced program "IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY". In a spate of one year the channel has churned out 5 Own Productions including its flagship talk show THE ONE SHOW, the recently launched prime time VIASAT 1 NEWS and now a game show! Premiered in September 2011, IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY is produced by Viasat 1�s sister company Modern African Productions (MAP) and hosted by stand up comedian Derrick Kwabena Boateng AKA DKB or Madam Kpelems. IT RUNS IN THE FAMILY is a family oriented game show. The game play sees two families go head to head and compete to win a grand prize. The families consist of two males and two females between the ages of 15 and 50+. Players are asked to guess responses given by a street survey. There are three rounds, each of which sees one player from each team eliminated leaving one only from both families, to compete for the grand prize in the final round. Individual prizes are awarded to high scoring players. The show is interactive and allows audiences to participate in the game. Viewers also win by guessing responses. The quickest with the correct answer wins via SMS. The show is being aired in the country for the first time. It is broadcasted Fridays at 8pm.