RnM Releases New Music Video

The song follows in the rather popular trend of the new "genre" of music, what is generally known as the "Azonto". But the success of the song strays away from what genre it is but rather identifies itself with an exceptional delivery and a rather complimentary video. RnM was discovered on the hit music reality series " Vodafone Icons", after emerging winners, the group dropped their debut single which transported them into the spotlight. "Let Ya hair Down" was the perfect start for them as a group. With different versions of the song, a clinically delivered video and performing slots on most of the major platforms across the continent, RnM kicked started a rather enviable career. This past week the group dropped their second video to their controversial "Call The Doctor" song (3wow) me). The video is under the directive tutelage of Nana Asihene and its the second video from the group. The video is an absolute masterpiece, an art cleverly executed a storyline well told. The group in recent times has faced the inevitable test of bonding which most groups don't survive. The release of this video confirms their relentlessness and unbarred passion towards their career, a commitment that surpasses all personal emotions and differences. The girls have in their short existence noticed a very essential element in their field, communication and the need to constantly stay in touch with their fans. They are constantly on the look out to listen to their fans and deliver according to their desire. You can find the trio on facebook and twitter as RnM Official and @RnMOfficial respectively. The group according to close sources is undergoing a total remake and preparing strongly for the year ahead. In a related development, it is believed that the group has recently recorded a banger with 4x4. As the year closes, nothingmore would be more appropriate than such a gift. "This is our gift to our fans, we are because you are" they are quoted as saying.