Koku Anyidoho Sometimes Speaks From His “Stomach” – Editor

Managing Editor of the “Daily Searchlight”, Ken Kuranchie, is wondering why the Director of Communications at the Presidency, Koku Anyidoho, is acting like the spokesperson for the National Security over MV Benjamin cocaine case, and has described the latter’s recent pronouncement and effusions on the matter as coming from someone who speaks from the “stomach”. Mr Kuranchie considers it rash and indiscreet on the part of someone holding such a sensitive position like Mr Anyidoho to go to town publicly dropping clues about an on-going police investigation, if indeed the accused is really “singing like a canary”. To him, the resurrected MV Benjamin cocaine case is simply a diversionary tactic by the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) to shift attention from some policy failures and to also minimize the putrefying stench the Woyome saga has caused the government. In 2006, 77 parcels of cocaine aboard the vessel MV Benjamin disappeared mysteriously leading to the incarceration of one Kwabena Amaning alias Tagor and Alhaji Issah Abass. A key suspect in the case, Sheriff Asem Dake, popularly known as the “Limping Man” was recently arrested and is alleged to have dropped some sensitive information that could lead to the arrest of certain key figures in Ghana. Following the arrest of “Limping Man”, the Director of Communications at the Presidency issued what some see as a caveat to persons connected to the MV Benjamin cocaine case not to dare try exiting the country. “Today Asem Dake is in custody and ...I can promise you, President Mills is going to go to the bottom of this matter. Nobody, be it a former president, be it a sitting president, be it an erstwhile president, anybody who is involved in this cocaine matter..., you can be sure that President Mills will let the people of Ghana stand and point fingers at those who were involved in this dastardly trade...We will get to the bottom of this cocaine matter, 77 parcels of cocaine? When INTERPOL alerted us? We moved our vessels from the sea, brought them to the base claiming that they had run out of food rations. Our ‘hellis’ (helicopters) were not allowed to use our airspace? All kinds of incredulous things happened in this nation. You had a president and his defence minister-brother and nothing could be done and these people are the ones who want to be pointing fingers at President Mills? ...They will be exposed one-by-one-by-one and nobody will be allowed to run out of this country,” Mr Anyidoho had said.